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Dry Summer


And it is as though the very air is


No space for thoughts –

Just thick with it:

With whispering and daunting

The grey-brown abyss


And breathing is stifling,

Hard to expand

Under the dusty sun,

The fallow shade!

Even the emptiness is swollen,

Laden with scents of summer

Dying in the dry air.

No room for renewal.

And all I can tell is that the air,

So very much of it,

Every fatling billow,

Is full!

It’s almost hard to imagine rain.

Leaves gleaming in the shadows…





7 thoughts on “Dry Summer

    • That’s unbelievable! My boyfiend, who’s doing his practical year in Agricultural Studies, says they’ve been having the worst draught in 30 years in the Eastern Free State, which is in the center of SA. I suppose the best thing we can do is pray – all nature works in cycles I guess.. thanks for your comment, Mam! I’m glad you like my poetry:)

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