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Feijoa & Malibu Preserve

Feijoa & Malibu Preserve


A really simple recipe that makes the most delicious snack! Try this on freshly baked bread with some cream cheese!

The Malibu is an optional addition, it just livens up the mix a bit.


I found this recipe in Margaret Roberts’ 100 Edible & Healing Flowers – it tastes like candy apples, or those coloured, snap icies we used to eat as kids!

The preserve is quite easy to make, I didn’t have enough nectarines, so I used grapes and strawberries (and 1 nectarine). The trick is to keep the grape seeds/nectarine pips inside the mix until the gelatin is released, otherwise the preserve won’t stall.


  • Here’s the recipe for those eager to try it…(the Feijoa tree blooms in Spring, so a few South African trees might still have their flowers; alternatively, you can use the tree’s fruit)…

100 Edible Plants cooking journey - 11

Turns out the Brazilians have been eating the fruit and flowers of the Feijoa tree for centuries.

Enjoy 🙂


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