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Love Poem

Dearest Love,


I guess you’ll have that visage that drowns me

as I’m swept to far off sands, isles that presage

the cask in which you’re kept,

and in your smile and eyes and span I’ll shyly

place my trust, more than the men and friends of ages past

have begged, and just as fast.

I hope you’ll see my shards as gems and gather

where they’re fallen those bloodied pieces at their hems,

replace my inward calling,

that I may find anew in you a view

that gives me hope. And ’round your hand and mine entwine

the holy Celtic rope.

I pray you’ll have that honour that reminds me

whence we came; to one another, donors then,

we’ll share the sacred flame

and when my luck is run and yours becomes my rock,

then ready a sturdy, gentle arm that fends the hours

and keeps me steady.

Oh, prince, I cannot promise that my case

be prime and pure to win the doubting Thomas with a

delicate demure, but,

this I swear – when I have vowed, my heart

will never fail you! Alas, that, I may find you now to prove it

and to pray you.


I give you grace to take me as the

hills receive a shower of crystal rain, with open glee, and

fearful of the power.

For, I have swept myself across the hearts that

begged to love me, and run my river thin, collecting dross that

naught but bogs me.

 A fountain then, as once I was, I seek

from out my lover that, gentle heart, a font of stars us two

may jointly cover.

I cannot hope to please, but beg thy mercies

o’er my paining, for fear hath ruled the most this leg, the race is

yours remaining.

Yet, run I will, and give my all without a

thought of failing, for you will be the prize withal our bondage

e’er worth hailing!

So, proudly raise your chest, good Sir, and smack this

heart upon it for happiness and fairness’ sake, ‘twon’t be long

‘ere you’ve won it.

Could I describe the amorously glowing chest that

hails you, you’d know my truth and fervour, let no

waning love detain you.

My warrior, my tiger, keep your fur for me,

your furrows, and I will keep my being for you, my heart,

my every fiber.


Yours eternally







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