Love Poem

Oh, prince, I cannot promise that my case

be prime and pure to win the doubting Thomas with a

delicate demure, but,

this I swear – when I have vowed, my heart

will never fail you! Alas, that, I may find you now to prove it

and to pray you.



I breathe through dew

a wailing sigh

a battered pretense that has

threatened to die

a shallow,

faint surrender

under cold stars

a falt’ring dream

received from my breast

breathed to life, frail green light

presented to

the cosmos.


I sacrifice

that thawing dream

once lost, once renewed

yet, too far to exist

that shard of

bleeding mem’ry

and, as I gaze,

the stars reel on

more bright than the metal

that bends in the desert

to shoot

across the darkness.

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DREAMLAND                                                                                                        16.5.2013

Here the start

Book of dreams           (My autobiography)


I introduce

Long song

Slumber’s hero

Grand adventurer! (Applause!)

Hard to tell

Right from wrong

Trapped within

Gangly world

Unknown faces

Snapping away

Should daybreak


Well then

Conclusions trail…

Is it normal?


Life’s better

In Dreams



The Perilous Quest to the Land of Fey


Leave me not unto myself

to take this quest to dreaming’s end!

There hath no mortal field or elf

dared breach that turmoil for to send

sad testimonies home of bitter findings

nor hath any monster donned to take that path,

its erstwhile windings

leading through the veil of wrath!

For, unto the Fey to draw

t’is the winding of that way,

mortal worlds retain no awe

than what it yields a single day –

that fiery jeweled land of yond’

that were I gone, I find it nay.



Little Hearts

Little Hearts

The most beautiful thing

little hearts poking out

through the grass,

little fugitives


and yet…

I think their shape makes sense.

Something of a strewn bounty


trying and trying.

Trodden underfoot.

Speaking to my heart alone

the martyrdom of failed attempts.

So beautiful…

The very essence of it

noble resilience.







There are very few things

I chose for myself,

but this I do:

you help me bring out my happy.

My favorite memory is of you.

And though I do not wallow

in the thought of you,

unable to untangle my

dancing feet,

flying fingers,

I am drunk

with the gratitude that owns you.

Somewhere high up,


a bond exists between us.

Somehow we belong

to one another;

we are secret fools,

already agreed!

And this I chose –

I chose what compliments

the colors in this glowing heart.

And though I chose, in the guise of whomever the flower,

the person I am whilst with you, may I confess

in frank gladness that I’m happy that flower is you.




Oh, pain – pain of patience drawing the fruit from me.

How I hate you;

How I love you!

Without you I forget myself;

Abide and I revere too much.

You cause pangs from deep within – for need of bless’d relief from silent voids in speech and mind, for bursts of new creation.

You catalyze thoughts in me that stir me into out-letting;

Why not come when I am wild instead of now when I stand tamed?

Time is precious, I cannot waste it.

Boredom – blessing you are to me;

I will write to set you free